About The Brand

Pnky is a clothing brand created to shift the fashion industry towards a higher sustainable and ethical standard. Born from the notion that there is already such an abundance of material that exists, Pnky collections are made from recycled and excess fabrics. Production is based locally in New Jersey and New York City to ensure quality of design and ethical conditions for garment workers. 

The brand name Pnky, aka “Pinky,” pays homage to Nichole Lawrece, CEO and Creative Director. ‘Pinky’ was her nickname and a reflection of her creative personality growing up.

The company slogan, ‘Effortlessly Intentional,’ represents how Nichole describes her personal style and our designs: classic styles, timeless silhouettes, made to last.


Commitment to Sustainability

Pnky follows the Triple Bottom Line: ensuring people, the planet and profit are at the core of the brand's business philosophy. 

Production is based locally in New York City and New Jersey to ensure fair working conditions and living wages for garment makers. Our manufacturing partners must be certified and abide by law to maintain workers rights.

We source sustainably made (i.e. natural, recycled) and excess scrap fabrics to make our products. This sourcing strategy is an effort to standardize sustainably made materials and reuse existing material that would otherwise end up in landfill. We emphasize that fabrics sourced from reuse are not made from recycled content, rather material that is given a second life. Our unique sourcing method allows us to obtain a wide variety of one-of-kind quality fabrics.

Our shipping poly mailers are made from recycled, post consumer materials and our thank you cards are fully recyclable and naturally biodegradable.

Beyond materials, our commitment is in the practice. We research and apply various sustainable business model concepts such as Circularity. The concept of circularity is to minimize waste through the continued, use and reuse of a particular resource. Pnky’s supply chain strives to achieve this model by employing end of life strategies and advocating for re-use and re-pair practices in consumers.

No business model is perfect, at the moment residual waste is inevitable. However, Pnky actively seeks to reduce and eventually mitigate this stage of the chain entirely. 


One of Pnky’s missions is to showcase the application of sustainable business practice in the fashion industry with the intent of encouraging other brands to follow suit. Pnky is more than a brand, we are a part of the movement toward a more conscious, harmonious future. We are eager to share with you our sustainable journey and any findings along the way.

Due to limited availability, not all trimmings, linings and/or hardware is made from sustainable material or reuse fabric. However, Pnky dedicates investments to research and development in innovations for better solutions.

Sustainability Report coming soon.  

Note on Luxury

The true meaning of luxury goes beyond exclusivity and price - it’s in the craftsmanship, innovation, creative expression, relevance and responsibility of a brand. Pnky prides itself on being a luxury brand through our quality, intentional design and mission while still presented at affordable prices.

About the Creative Director 

“I have dedicated myself to working towards and imagining a future that makes the fashion industry more sustainable, more ethical and more environmentally conscious.”

Nichole Lawrence comes from an educational background in International Business, Marketing, Fashion and Sustainability. Throughout her academic career, Nichole spent her time attending conferences, presentations and networking with leaders in the sustainable fashion field to gain knowledge on the issue at hand in the industry.

She has since committed herself to creating a world where sustainability and ethics are at the forefront of the fashion industry; starting with Pnky to serve as a model for businesses and consumers to follow. Nichole continuously researches innovations and information to improve the brand’s mission efficiency.